Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wooden Paintings by Jan McPherson

Signed by the artist, this initial group of wooden paintings are unique originals. They are not a prints or reproductions.
Painted by hand using acrylics and pen and ink.
Each painting is between the sizes 12"x 20" and is painter on 1"thick pine.

All the Paintings in this first set of Veggies are $48. Subject to availability.
Shipping is $10.

Payment maybe made by Visa or Mastercard as a phone or e-mail order.
(508) 487-2851

All posted paintings copyrighted by Jan McPherson


Pedro Erik Wessen said...

I find your art absolutely delightful and love the clarity of your vision. You go girl! (Am I allowed to say that?)

Jess D said...

My friend bought one of Jan's carrot paintings at the Brattleboro Farmer's Market. She absolutely adores it! I hope you don't mind, but I shared a picture of it on my blog, and posted a link back to your blog! Take a look if you like:

Stephanie Gibbs McGrath said...

I have a large collection of Jan's paintings I bought since we use to summer on the Cape in Orleans. Going to P-town was exiting! I even have lots of her animals, some on driftwood and on wood from when the pier burned dowm. I love my Jan McPhersons and I'd like to order more and find out whether she still does animals and how I can reach her? Any ideas?

purpledragonman said...

I am going through my grandmother's stuff, 5 years after she has passed away. I have found a painting on wood. This is a 12 inch long by 4 inches wide. It is painted brick red with a little girl stepping on it. She is carrying a stick with hobo sack on the end, She is looking down with a yellow hat, her pants are green, her shirt is blue over the green paint. She has a couple patches on her clothing. I am 46 years old and have seen the painting in her houses since I can remember as a little child. I was just wondering if anybody knows anything about this work. I can be reached at
I really like that my grandmother enjoyed Jan's work and it made her happy. So, thank you so much for making her happy.

Calvin Rees said...

I have a wood painting by Jan McPherson. It is of an Indian and my family might have had it since the 50's or 60's.

Do you know about this?

Calvin Rees
Oklahoma City

Jessica Day said...

Hi Calvin, No, I'm not familiar with that particular painting, just these fruit and veggies ones. Thanks for stopping by the blog. You may want to try contacting Jan McPherson via her blog for more info about her work.

Julie Bearce said...

Hi, I have a "primitive" oil painting on wood, 23x31, signed by the artist...Jan Mc Pherson. It is a picture of a little boy with a boat and a ball on a checkered floor...very much in the old folk style. When I first tried to find out about the artist many years ago, the only thing that came up was a similar painting for sale, a little girl holding a cat, 23x27 oil on wood, with the exact same signature---without a doubt. Go Antiques was selling "her" ("Girl with cat") as a vintage, 19th century primitive oil painting and asking $1500.00!! Since then, I have been hearing about people who also have these "folk" paintings by "Jan Mc Pherson", some attributing them to the folk artist mentioned here. Are they the same people??? The signatures certainly dont match. PLEASE HELP!!! I also saw one of her paintings in a movie. Someone else told me that my painting is not from the 19c but more likely from the 60's because of the thickness of the wood. I would love to settle this delemma for once and for all....and find out who this artist is--she obviously has several pieces out there. Of course I was lucky to find THIS Jan Mc Pherson and her wonderful work. I really love your stuff! If anyone can help me please email me at .
Thanks! Julie

Jessica McGuire said...

Are you still selling these paintings? I want to Red Pepper one! email me at

Richard Santarossa said...
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Richard Santarossa said...

I have a painting by Jan McPherson that is painted on wood and signed by Jan McPherson. It is Girl with Cat, 23x31 by one inch thick.

If anyone is interested I want to sell it. Thank you